About Us

We are a family business residents in the neighbourhood of El Cabanyal.

Diego, half of the company, has worked for 11 years as a manager in marinas and shipyards. He is familiar with the sea and port business, including the recreational sector. To this he adds his experience as skipper, in the chartering of sailboats and handling of motorboats.

Araceli, the other half, is currently working for International NGOs as project manager and has extensive experience in education and facilitation of meetings, processes or conflict resolution.

We feel close to the sea and have been connected to the port for our hobbies and our jobs. We have experience in the field of navigation and education.

Valencia Sailing District reflects our desire to work close to the sea, sharing what we love: sailing and the life in the Marine District.

Valencia Sailing District - Quiénes somos alquiler barco

Our Values

We understand travel and tourism as a way to get closer to the natural and socio-cultural values of a place. In this case La Marina, the beach, and the Barrio of El Cabanyal.

We are committed to non-intrusive practices with neighbours, sustainable with the marine and urban environment, to working with local suppliers and with strict compliance with current legislation in terms of licenses and labor requirements.

The cost of the activities reflects our intention to offer a quality product, with a minimum occupancy on the boats that allows us to provide personalised attention.

Valencia Sailing District’s activities are open to diversity and we trust that participants will find an inclusive and respectful clima regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, origin, religion or social status.

In our blog we intend to highlight and share the differentiating elements of our neighbourhood and promote the many cultural, sports or social initiatives it offers.

Our Network

Valencia Sailing District is also a community of people and friends, doing things that might interest you.

  • The most beautiful pics of this website have been taken by Juan Terol, a professional photographer whom you can find in his blog
  • The illustration of our boat and Diego in the home page has been done by the wonderful friends of VLC Prints
  • Teak and Glue are caulkers, for when you need to work on your boat’s timbers
  • The characteristic color of our boats and the whole process of recovery and maintenance is always done with Nautica Asturias
  • Our sails and canopies are in the expert hands of Toldomar
  • If you are interested in knitting, crochet, embroidery or sewing, you will like WoollyEllen
Valencia Sailing District alquiler barco

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