Sailing Club

The Sailing Club is a group of sea and sport lovers who practice sailing on regular basis. Membership in the club, which implies at least three months register, entitles you to:

  • 1 monthly outing on one of our boats to practice helm steering and sail trimming together with fellow club members. Day and hour TBD with you.
  • As many extra outings to practice sailing as you wish, which are added to your monthly outing, at the special price for club members. Day and hour TBD with you.
  • Discount for the people you invite to try for the first time (baptism) at the same prices as for you: The reduced rate for members will be applied.
  • Continuous training according to your level, specific to each boat, so that you can progress in your handling of sailboats.

The cost of activities reflects our desire to keep passage low and offer quality experiences. We seek to be responsible with the environment and the neighbourhood with our touristic model. Check our corporate responsibility here.

  • Titaina – Crucero North Wind 38 – 11,7m
  • 100€ monthly fee – three hours trip
  • 75€ each extra three hours outing

All prices include VAT *

Valencia Sailing District Titaina alquiler barco
Valencia Sailing District Titaina alquiler barco
Valencia Sailing District Titaina alquiler barco

Frequently asked question

How many people are needed to make the outings?

There is no minimum capacity to do the activity but we try to organise you in groups of 3 to 5.

How long is the trip?

The total duration is three hours (flexible) but not all that time you will be at sea because part of the activity is to prepare the boat and the sails.

What do I need to do?

Come at the appointed time at the entrance of the Alfa pier in the Marina Norte of Valencia (in front of the Aloha Marina). Come with comfortable clothes and, if possible, closed shoes with light soles. Bring water and don’t forget your hat and sunscreen. Let us know if you don´t know to swim

Can the activity be canceled?

Yes, we do not sail in adverse weather conditions, depending on the level of the group. In case of cancellation, we will reschedule for another day.

Valencia Sailing District Tellina alquiler barco

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